Cyber Trust was awarded as the best DIMECC Program result 2017 for founding the USA-Finland cyber partnership

Finnish influential industry has awarded DIMECC’s Cyber Trust Program as the producer of the most important result of the year. The United States of America and Finland agreed on a significant cyber partnership based on the Cyber Trust program. The respected prize was received by the Program Director Markku Korkiakoski from Bittium Ltd.

“It is great that our hard work in the Cyber Trust program is rewarded in two ways. For us, of course, the creation of a cyber partnership between the USA and Finland due to a successful research program is very important. In addition, the appreciation of the Finnish influential industry in the form of this award is also heart-warming”, says Program Director Markku Korkiakoski.

The new USA-Finland research cooperation between the cyber trust research center and the National Science Foundation Industry University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) will be founded in connection to Oulu University.

“The research collaboration concerning cyber trust offers considerable cooperation possibilities to Finland and at the same time displays our excellence in the matter”, emphasizes the presenter of the prize Harri Kulmala, CEO of DIMECC. Cyber Trust was voted as the winner in DIMECC’s Annual Seminar, that gathered together almost 200 participants from influential industry. The high level of cyber trust knowledge in Finland was also addressed in the meeting between Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and President Donald Trump when they met in late August.

DIMECC awarded three significant influencers

In the DIMECC Annual Seminar also three influencers from industry, that have significantly improved DIMECC collaboration, were rewarded ceremoniously. The DIMECC Fellow title was awarded to Janne Järvinen, Markku Korkiakoski and Sauli Eloranta. Previously the title has been given to five people.

Title number 6 was given to Janne Järvinen, Director of R&D at F-Secure. Ph.D. Järvinen has led two very successful DIMECC programs: Cloud Software and Need for Speed. The programs have significantly increased the competitiveness of the Finnish software intensive industry – the industry which is the forerunner of digitalization. Ph.D. Järvinen has had an undisputed role in this increase.

Title number 7 was given to Markku Korkiakoski, Director of Sales and Business Development at Bittium Ltd. Mr. Markku Korkiakoski has had a critical role in joining Finnish forces, both industrial and academic, in the cyber security area through DIMECC’s Cyber Trust program. He has decisively worked to ensure that the Cyber Trust program was started despite of difficulties in the early stage. The start of NSF (National Science Foundation) I/UCRC (industry university cooperative research center) in this autumn would not have happened without him.

Title number 8 was awarded to EVP Sauli Eloranta, from Rolls Royce. Mr. Eloranta was the primary initiator and creator of the first ever DIMECC program, I&N, in 2008. He initiated and launched the first DIMECC ecosystem, One Sea, in 2016. He has contributed to the DIMECC program management, portfolio volume, and lean integrator role in the industry and in Finland significantly.

Cyber Trust in short

DIMECC Cyber Trust Program created a foundation for Finnish research and industry to address the needs emerging in the cyber security. The main research objective of the DIMECC Cyber Trust program was to improve the privacy, trust and decision making in digital infrastructure. The consortia consisted of 19 companies, and 8 research institutes and universities. Program published over 130 research articles on cyber security and how to protect privacy.


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