An interface diversified honeypot for malware analysis

Defending information systems against advanced attacks is a challenging task; even if all the systems have been properly updated and all the known vulnerabilities have been patched, there is still the possibility of previously unknown zero day attack compromising the system. Honeypots offer a more proactive tool for detecting possible attacks. What is more, they can act as a tool for understanding attackers intentions. In this paper, we propose a design for a diversified honeypot. By increasing variability present in software, diversification decreases the number of assumptions an attacker can make about the target system.

Samuel Lauren, Sampsa Rauti, Ville Leppänen (University of Turku): An interface diversified honeypot for malware analysis

ECSAW ’16 Proccedings of the 10th European Conference on Software Architecture Workshops, Nov. 28 – Dec. 2. 2016, Copenhagen


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