Business modeling facilitated Cyber Preparedness

Cyber criminality being one of the key threats in modern era lacks attention from academic perspective. In this paper, we display how to apply core business conceptual tool like business model to help improve organizational cyber preparedness. This paper offers a literature review and further analysis to find synergies among the study context and concept. Our findings of this initial paper supports the idea of applicability of business models in the cyber preparedness framework to gain organizational competitive advantage. Our analysis reflects on the content, structure and governance perspective which is professed in business model literature. Practical implication of this paper is that it offers security specialists with additional lens to look at how to approach more comprehensively the growing incidents of potential cyber threats. Cyber security related problems are not described in the literature as the way we display in this paper from a business and managerial perspective, which offers industry specialists fresh perspective for analysis.

Julius Francis Gomes, Petri Ahokangas, Kwadwo Atta Owusu (University of Oulu): Business modeling facilitated Cyber Preparedness


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