Formalisation-Driven Development of Safety-Critical Systems

The use of formal modelling and verification is recommended by several standards in the development of highly critical systems. However, the standards do not prescribe a process that enables a seamless integration of formalisation activities into the development process. In this paper, we propose a model and an automated tool support for an iterative formalisation-driven development of safety-critical systems in Event-B framework. Event-B supports correct-by-construction development and provides the designers with a continuous feedback on the correctness of models and corresponding system requirements, including safety. To automate the proposed formalisation-driven development, we present a prototype of an automated tool support relying on the novel OSLC technology. It allows us to seamlessly integrate derivation of system requirements with formal modelling and proof-based verification.

Alexei Iliasov, Alexander Romanovsky (Newcastle University), Elena Troubitsyna, Linas Laibinis (University of Åbo Akademi): Formalisation-Driven Development of Safety-Critical Systems

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