Providing for Privacy in a Network Infrastructure Protection Context

Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis are seen as the silver bullet to detect and counteract attacks on critical communication infrastructure. Every message is analysed and is to some degree under suspicion. The principle of innocent until proven guilty does not seem to apply to modern communication usage. On the other hand, criminals would gain easily upper hand in communication networks that are not protected and on the outlook for attacks. This poses quite a problem for the technical implementation and handling of network communication traffic. How can a communication network provider protect user data against malicious activities without screening and data analysis and loss of the human right of privacy? This article provides a classification system for data usage, privacy sensitivity and risk through which we will illustrate on a concrete example how to provide user privacy, while still enabling protection.

Ian Oliver, Silke Holtmanns (Nokia Bells Lab): Providing for privacy in a network infrastructure protection context

Presented at  Innovations in Clouds, Internet and Networks (ICIN), 2017 20th Conference on, 7-9. April

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