DIGILE’s Cyber Trust program waiting for take-off

Cybersecurity is a topic that is basically in everyone’s lips today. News daily report about different cybercrimes influencing all levels, from states to companies to individual people. Snowden’s revelations made it widely known how dependable devices and services are and how large scale monitoring and interception are feasible compromising our privacy. Cybercrime has traditionally been a problem individuals hiding behind computer screens and hacking into the world’s information systems. But this problem setting is quickly changing, today, the steady advance of technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing through 3D-printing, and industrial biology, is adding our physical space to the risks we face. Internet of Things technology means that every car, computer, appliance, toy, thermostat, and piece of office equipment could be connected. And so they all become potentially vulnerable to hacking from anywhere on the planet. A set of webcams, insulin pumps, automobiles, toilets, and refrigerators have already all been demonstrated as hackable.

See more at: http://www.activityblog.fi/2015/02/digiles-cyber-trust-program-waiting-take/#sthash.5QzwyVGU.dpuf

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