Counterfeiting and Defending the Digital Forensic Process

During the last years, criminals have become aware of how digital evidences that lead them to courts and jail are collected and analyzed. Hence, they have started to develop antiforensic techniques to evade, hamper, or nullify their evidences. Nowadays, these techniques are broadly used by criminals, causing the forensic analysis to be in a state of decay. To defeat against these techniques, forensic analyst need to first identify them, and then to mitigate somehow their effects. In this paper, wereview the anti-forensic techniques and propose a new taxonomy that relates them to the initial phase of a forensic process mainly affected by each technique. Furthermore, we introduce mitigation techniques for these anti-forensic techniques, considering the chance to overcome the anti-forensic techniques and the difficulty to apply them.

Alvaro Botas (Universty of Leon),  Ricardo J. Rodriquez (University of Leon), Teemu Väisänen (VTT), Patrycjusz Zdzichowski (NATO Cooperative Research Centre of Excellence, Tallinn): Counterfeiting and Defending the Digital Forensic Process

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