Deploying Software-Defined Networks: a Telco Perspective

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) proposes a new network architecture in which the control plane and forwarding plane are decoupled. SDN can improve network efficiency and ease of management through the centralization of the control and policy decisions. However, SDN deployments are currently limited to data-center and experimental environments. This thesis surveys the deployment of SDN from the perspective of a telecommunication network operator. We discuss the strategies which enable the operator to migrate to a network in which both SDN and legacy devices interoperate. As a synthesis of existing technologies and protocols, we formulate an automated process for the bootstrapping of newly deployed forwarding devices. Furthermore, we review solutions for programming the forwarding devices and for performing topology discovery. The functional correctness of the proposed bootstrapping process is evaluated in an emulated environment.

Rajat Kandoi (Aalto University): Deploying Software-Defined Networks: a Telco Perspective

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