Incorporating trust in NFV: Addressing the challenges

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) helps in reducing the dependency on hardware equipments by virtualizing the telecommunication network functions. While the current works have considered different frameworks for NFV and various challenges associated with it, only a few have considered trust as an aspect of NFV. In this paper, we discuss the challenges of incorporating trust in NFV. We discuss the importance of considering trust in NFV, followed by evaluating the requirements for establishing the trust. We also detail the terminologies associated with time and the components of NFV. The main contribution of this paper is the challenges we have encountered in incorporating trust in NFV environment and our approaches to address them.

Presented at the 20th Conference on Innovations in Clouds, Internet and Networks (ICIN). 7-9 March, 2017. Paris

Sowmya Ravidas, Shankar Lal, Ian Oliver, Leo Hippeläinen (Nokia Bell Labs): Incorporating trust in NFV: Addressing the challenges

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