Towards Self-aware Approach for Mobile Devices Security

We present conceptual design of self-aware security for mobile devices. The design is envisioned to bring self-awareness into the mobile devices security for optimal protection by regulating application activities. The proposed design contains three subsystems: meta-levelenables self-awareness, extended meta-level extends protections to the base-level components through security mechanisms and base-level comprises of resources that are essential for applications execution. The presented design enables cooperation among security mechanisms (such as access control and anti-virus) as well as with self-aware agent. The cooperation is intended for better understanding of application activities that leads to recognizing threat patterns in advance. When a threat is predicted/detected, the self-aware agent communicates with the security mechanisms so that they can take the necessary actions. The design of the security mechanisms are elaborated using access control system and anti-virus as example cases.

Thanigaivelan N.K., Nigussie E., Virtanen S., Isoaho J. (University of Turku): Towards Self-aware Approach for Mobile Devices Security.

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